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Myrna Loy arriving at a Royal Command Performance, 1948

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"Hello! My name is Elder Price and I would like to share with you the most amazing book."

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Sutton Foster in the original Broadway cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie

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acting cool around ur crush


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Summertime (1955)

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theatre challenge | [2/9] shows → matilda
a storm can begin with the flap of a wing, the tiniest mite packs the mightiest sting!

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What is all this? Just a little restoration. Of what? The timing mechanism for an explosive device? Should I be worried? Yes. But not about this. Hand me that piece right there. Have fun with your project. It’s a 1940s Sorrento music box. You spent days building that damn thing. You knew about the song. My father. And you wanted me… To know that everything is going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.

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Thank You, Scotland

→ Alan Cumming

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Jessie MuellerNice Work If You Can Get It curtain call (X)
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